Hemp Based CBD Products Supply Chain

One of the biggest road blocks to bringing hemp based CBD products to everyone on a global scale is the supply chain. There are specific barriers that are in the way for farmers, labs, and even retailers, doctors, and medical groups. Pelmor Lane is designed to solve many of the problems that these people face when it comes to closing the gaps in the supply chain of Hemp Based CBD products.

Problem 1: Farmers, need buyers for their crops, but without having a buyer in place, they can’t set out to get the job done. This is where Pelmor Lane will step in and be the buyer the farmers need.

Problem 2: Labs need buyers for their finished product, but often times can’t find clients or customers. Pelmor Lane will fit clients to labs, bridging the gap between buyer and seller from the labs.

Problem 3: Retailers, doctors, and medical groups not only want a transparent buying process, but also one that is free of complications. Pelmor Lane has created a marketplace where from start to finish, farmers can sell the crop they need and retail outlets and medicinal offices can get the finished product.