THC Free Distillate

A CBD distillate is created by distillation, which is the process of purifying a liquid by way of heating or cooling to extra the essential component or aspect of something. Therefore, CBD Distillate creates concentrates of CBD that are ‘cleaner’ than other concentrates in that they are pure down to the molecular level. Another benefit of CBD distillates are that they are often the most potent types of concentrates that exist.

The process of CBD distillation results in a distillate that contains around 80 percent CBD from hemp, with the remaining 20 percent comprised of minor cannabinoids, terpene and other oils and plant extracts. THC Free Distillate, as the name implies, does not contain any THC and is a broad spectrum distillate.

CBD Distillate can be used in a variety of ways such as dabbing and vaping, as well as in edibles. Distillate also can be found in topicals and beauty products.

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