Bulk Ingredient Buyers

What We Do:

  1. Every product we offer is created from Department of Agriculture Licensed Growers, Extractors, Distillers and Fractionators.
  2. Every product we offer has a proper COA
  3. Every product will be grown and produced from start to finish in America

What We Do Not Do:

  1. We do not sell any products we have not verified.
  2. We do not sell any products that do not have proper chain of custody.
  3. We do not have a chain of “broke” brokers generating made up product inventory.

Non-Profit Centre of Medicinal Cannabis did a study on 30 CBD Products and found out only 38% of the products are within 10% of the advertised CBD Content, which means over 60% were not. More than 1/3 had less than 50% of the advertised CBD Content.