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About Pelmor Lane

We are a Kentucky Farmer focused company that partners with Kentucky Hemp Growers and Extraction Companies for Hemp Biomass Contracts. We work cash flow friendly deals where everyone wins. What does that mean, it means people who need CBD Neutraceutical/ Medicinal products will have lower costs because we partner with Extractors and Growers. The less people there are in the supply chain means farmers, extractors and buyers all benefit. We do not fail , and all of our partners do what they say they are going to do. This is the only reason they are allowed to become our partners. We look forward to serving you no matter whether you are a farmer, lab, extractor, broker, hedge fund or end user. We are here to bring you the best forms of CBD Hemp on the Planet !!!

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Easy To Use
Pelmor Lane has put alot of work into giving you the best possible CBD products for sale online by verifying both buyers and sellers on our online CBD Marketplace.
Outstanding Support
Establish a relationship as a buyer or seller of wholesale CBD products by getting in touch with our team today. If you need any help or have any questions regarding our products, Pelmor Lane is here to help.
Organic and Healthy
Pelmor Lane only lists premium quality CBD products for sale online through verified sellers that have provided us with a C.O.A. Know exactly what you are getting when you purchase directly from us.
Speedy Transactions
Because we have vetted both buyers and sellers on Pelmor Lane, conducting business is easy and convenient, giving you the peace of mind you need.
Premium Quality
Because we verified sellers and growers, buyers rely on Pelmor Lane for premium quality wholesale CBD products.
Fast Shipping
Through verified buyers and sellers, CBD Products are delivered in a timely manner for our buyers.